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During the lost age of Ki, Volos was found abandoned outside a tribal encampment. Just a small child, he appeared to be a hideous crossbreed between the race of the woman who found him and that of some sort of beast.

She thought first to leave the infant to his doom, but as she walked away she could not help but feel pity for the creature. Thus, she took him into her care. Volos would grow up ostracized and hated by the rest of the tribe. While the other children were playing, he would be left behind to listen to the elders tell tales of their ancestral past while they taught the young women of the tribe how to tend to their lodgings and cultivate various crops.

This started Volos down an obsessive path with cataloguing and documenting all knowledge essential for a thriving society. Despite his appearance, he was soon placed in charge of various managerial and logistical tasks for the tribe.

As his rivalry with Perun (the prime warrior in the tribe) grew, a heated argument led to a duel. Volos was defeated and banished by Perun from the tribe. He began to wander the woods and eventually was the first in the northeast of Ki to discover the Rifts, and consequently, earth.

Volos always carries around a large tome on a chain he has hanging from his shoulder. Strangely, no matter how many times he turns the pages he never seems to reach the other end of its leather binding.

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