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Home of the Seeker faction stronghold in Raikfort, the Spider’s Den borough is a confusing labyrinth of tight narrow streets and alleyways. It only offers a brief respite from the oppressively dark and dank atmosphere in the large main square and the accompanying street that leads to the city gates.

Here pedestrians can enjoy a cavalcade of pleasures ranging from the relatively tame drink or two to ending the night at a brothel. Or worse still- betting or participating in a gladiatorial match.

Many travelers and merchants make the Spider’s den their first port of call when arriving at the capital due to the relatively low presence of Peacekeepers. Of course it also helps that most of the city’s affordable lodging exists within the borough.

Surprisingly, the fact that the Seekers have spies employed in most, if not all, of these establishments doesn’t seem to discourage visitors.

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